Accommodation in a treetop cabin in the middle of the forest with a view of the mountains

Welcome to the treetop cabin. You will find it in Engerdal, about 250 km north of Oslo, in a mountain hamlet called Granberget. It has been named Kraggbua because it is located up in some old, sturdy pine krags, 7 m above the ground and approx. 740 m above sea level. There is 300 meters of good path with an easy climb from the car park.

Possibility of snowmobile transport in winter.

You can stay in this cabin both summer and winter. It is insulated for winter and has wood burning, but is also equipped with gas for the oven and kitchen, as well as solar power for light sources and technical installations (you cannot charge mobile phones/other gadgets). Kraggbua was built in spring 2014. We have very nice feedback from those who have lived here!

Here you get close to nature, with the changing weather and moods of the mountains and forests. You can experience the high winter nights with sparkling moonlight, northern lights and winter cold, or the short and hectic mountain spring when the birds play and life sprouts. You can also experience summer days with coniferous forest, birch and plants in their greenest form, and the transition to a colorful autumn


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