Vinter 2024 - 2025 :  All the activities with sleddogs will start in Tylldalen 

One hour dogsledding

  • Adult 1200kr
  • Child (4 to 16 years old) 800 kr
  • Max 6 people, eventuelly 12 is some are sitting
  • Tylldalen
  • 60-90 minuttes

Experience the thrill of driving your own dog sled through a picturesque winter forest in this hour-long adventure. After a brief theoretical introduction covering essential commands and safety tips, you'll meet your enthusiastic husky team and set off on a guided journey. Glide through snowy trails, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the woods, and feel the power of the huskies as you steer your sled. With a mid-journey break to enjoy the surroundings and take photos, this immersive experience promises unforgettable memories of a unique winter escapade.

Half-day dogsledding

  • Adult 2400kr
  • Child 1200kr
  • Max 6 people
  • Tylldalen
  • 2,5 timer

Embark on a half-day dog sledding adventure through a winter forest with stunning mountain views. Take control of your sled, meet your husky team, and receive guidance on navigating the snowy trails. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the forest, interact with the dogs, and capture memorable moments during a break. Glide back through the enchanting landscape, perfecting your sledding skills while admiring the mountain view. Last memories from a magical dog sledding journey through the forest with mountain panoramas. 

Overnight tour 2 days

  • Adult 4500kr 
  • Max 6 people
  • 2 days

A two-days dog ​​sledding trip with an overnight stay in a cabin in the mountains or in the forest is an exciting experience that allows you to really become one with nature. Here is a description of what such a trip might look like:

Day 1:

You start the day in the morning and meet your guide at the starting point. After a short introduction to how to control the dog team, you will be assigned your own dog team and we will head for the cabin, which will be your first accommodation.

Along the way you can enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful nature while the dogs guide you through the trails. You will have several breaks along the way to rest and take in the surroundings.

After a day of exciting driving, we reach the cabin where we will make a hot drink and a easy and good dinner. Here you can relax for the evening and enjoy the silence of nature.

Day 2:

After a good night's sleep in the cabin, we start the day with a breakfast before getting ready for a new day of dog sledding. You are welcome to help prepare the dogs for the day together with the guide.

The trip back to the starting point can offer new challenges and beautiful nature experiences. You get the opportunity to notice details in the landscape that you might have missed the day before.

After a few hours of adventure in nature, the tour will end back at the base, where you can give the dogs some well-deserved love and thank them for a wonderful trip

A two-day dog ​​sledding trip with an overnight stay in a cabin in the mountains or in the forest will surely give you memories for a lifetime and a deeper understanding of the dogs and the nature around you


One week ! Dog sledding, snowshoeing, sauna and ice fishing 

Dog sledding tour - 6 days with accommodation in a guest house

Price per adulte 19900kr 

Max 6 people


6 dager

Day 1: Arrival and getting to know the dogs

On arrival you will be met at either Tynset station or Røros airport. Transport to the guesthouse is included, and when you arrive, there will be a warm welcome with dinner and a short introduction to the programme. After a delicious dinner, you get to meet the dogs. Our guides will give a brief introduction to how we take care of them and what a typical day of dog sledding looks like. Accommodation in comfortable rooms at the guest house.

Day 2: Dog sledding in the forest

After a good breakfast, we head for the forest for today's adventure. This day consists of a shorter dog sledding trip so that everyone can get used to driving the sled and working with the dogs. We take frequent breaks, enjoy nature and, weather permitting, enjoy a lunch in the forest. Back at the guest house, you can enjoy the sauna and a hot dinner awaits you. The evening can be spent by the fireplace with stories and experiences from the day.

Day 3: 40 km dog sled tour in the forest

We start early this morning, eat a hearty breakfast before setting off on a longer dog sledding trip of approx. 40 km. We will drive through beautiful forests and landscapes, and along the way we will take a lunch break where we will cook on a fire. This is a great opportunity to learn more about outdoor life and the art of campfires. After a long but rewarding day, we return to the guest house for a well-deserved dinner and relaxation.

Day 4: Snowshoeing in Jutulhogget

This day we replace the sleds with snowshoes! We take the trip to Jutulhogget, Scandinavia's largest canyon. Here you get to experience majestic and unique nature while we go on snowshoes along the edges of the canyon. Lunch is enjoyed outdoors and the guides will share stories and facts about this impressive area. Back at the guest house, a home-cooked dinner awaits.

Day 5: Dog sledding and ice fishing

We split the day in two: First a dog sledding trip to explore more of the beautiful snowy surroundings, then we try our hand at ice fishing. The guides help you drill holes in the ice and give instructions on how to fish on the ice. This day ends again at the guest house with a joint dinner and time to share the day's experiences.

Day 6: Dog sledding in the mountains and departure

On the last day, an exciting dog sledding trip in the mountains awaits. We start early so that we get the most out of the day. After the tour, we return to the guest house for one last dinner before it is time to depart. Transport back to Tynset station or Røros airport is included. The road leads home with wonderful memories and new friendships.


Tourist dog sledding offers a unique opportunity to explore beautiful nature in an exciting and memorable way. With us, we attach great importance to both animal welfare and customer experiences to ensure a positive and responsible tourist dog driving experience.

Our four-legged friends are not "working animals", but beloved family members. That is why the welfare of the dogs is always our top priority. We ensure that the dogs get sufficient rest, plenty of food and water, as well as care and love throughout the year.

When you participate in tourist dog sledding with us, we not only guarantee a safe and sound experience for the dogs, but also for you as a customer. We are experienced guides and will guide you through the trip, share knowledge of the area and dog sledding, and ensure that you have the most enriching and entertaining experience possible.

Together with our dedicated dogs and passionate guides, we want to create unforgettable moments for you in nature. Welcome to a tourist dog sledding experience where animal welfare and good customer service are at the center !