Volunteer job

Volunteer Position: Husky Farm Dog Care Assistant

As a volunteer Dog Care Assistant at our husky farm, you will have the unique opportunity to learn and contribute to various aspects of the care and well-being of our huskies. This hands-on experience will involve working closely with our dedicated team in socializing the dogs, ensuring proper nutrition, implementing training techniques, and assisting with physiotherapy exercises to maintain their health and fitness. Additionally, you will be part of our daily training sessions where we work on enhancing the skills and physical conditions of our huskies.

- Assist in socializing the huskies through interactions, playtime, and exposure to varying environments.
- Learn about and help prepare balanced meals and proper nutrition plans for the dogs.
- Participate in training sessions under the guidance of experienced trainers to reinforce positive behaviors and stamina
- Support the team in conducting physiotherapy exercises to improve the dogs' muscles strength and mobility.

- Passion for working with animals, particularly huskies.
- Willingness to learn and collaborate in a team setting.
- Physical capability to engage in outdoor activities and basic tasks related to dog care.
- No prior experience necessary, as training will be provided on-site.

- We are seeking a highly reliable individual with strong mental stability and exceptional stamina to join our team. This role requires to perform tasks that demand physical and mental endurance. 

- Gain valuable hands-on experience in dog socialization, nutrition, training, and physiotherapy.
- Work in a dynamic and rewarding environment surrounded by beautiful huskies.
- Develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied to future careers in animal care and welfare.

If you are enthusiastic about dogs and eager to learn more about their well-being while contributing to our husky farm, we welcome your application to join our team as a Dog Care Assistant volunteer!

The social impact of working in a husky farm extends beyond just the direct care of the animals. It can create connections within communities, educate others about animal welfare, enhance mental well-being, foster personal growth, and contribute to conservation efforts, making a positive difference in society.